Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities (CPEO)

Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities (CPEO)

CPEO Curriculum Highlights


Each level of the curriculum offers grade appropriate information including the following:

  • How the school system functions and operates
  • Standardized tests and assessments
  • How to calculate GPAs
  • Understanding report cards
  • How to effectively communicate with principals, teachers and
    other school staff
  • How to prepare for college

Elementary Grades Curriculum

  • Home and school collaboration
  • Communication and discipline
  • Home motivation and self-esteem
  • The importance of homework
  • Parent-teacher conferences

Middle Grades Curriculum

  • Adolescence: A time of change and growth
  • Stages of teen development
  • The emotional needs of youth
  • Positive communication enhances self-esteem
  • How to motivate teenagers to read
  • Situations that occur during adolescence
  • Preparing for middle school
  • High school planning chart
  • Levels of parent participation in school
  • The roles of school counselors

High School Grades Curriculum

  • Final Destination - The University
  • Classes that are academically rigorous
  • High school planning chart
  • Reviewing other important requirements and programs
  • ACT and SAT
  • Review of academic plan with counselor
  • Discussing higher education options
  • Financial aid