Office of Communications, Engagement & External Relations

Office of Communications, Engagement & External Relations

Site Councils: Help your school increase academic achievement and outcomes for your students

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All Minneapolis Public Schools have Site Councils to support site based decision making to increasing academic outcome for our students. Minneapolis Public Schools values family and community members as active partners in reviewing funding, policies, practices, and programs at our schools. Site Councils are a way that parents other family members and community can learn what is happening in their school and influence decisions.

It is important for Site Councils to reflect the student population of the schools to ensure a diversity of ideas and input. These are some common activities that Site Councils do to increase student achievement:

  • Advise the school principal on school based decisions;
  • Review and advise the school staff on the School Improvement Plans (SIP) which outlines specific goals the school will achieve to increase academic outcomes for students;
  • Review and help to develop the Family Involvement Plan (FIP);
  • Review and provide guidence on the use of Title I Funds and Compensatory Revenue to ensure it is being used as intended and in a way that increases outcomes;
  • Advise the principal on the use of the school budget to ensure that the goals outlined in the School Improvement Plan are achieved; 
  • Communicate with the school community about what is happening at Site Council and other things effecting the school; and
  • Hosting a meeting with the full school community about what is happening at the school and taking in advise and ideas on how to continue to improve outcomes for students at the shcool.


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