The Warrior In Us

The Warrior In Us

The Warrior In Us

The Warrior In Us

For Parents Everywhere                                                                                                                                 


To be a warrior for your children and for yourself you must never give up.  Each and every one of us faces challenges in our lives personally, economically and globally. These hardships of the world: Iran, Africa, Japan and other turmoil we see or read about in our daily lives can take a toll on our peace of mind. Struggles with finances compounded with our economy, being unemployed, underemployed or the employed who are working overtme; foreclosures for owners and renters; all of these battles we are dealing with while we try to find balance and consistent guidance for our children.


This is the life of a warrior; the fight to conquer the adversities that life surrounds us with and threatens us to give up and fall into complacency.  It is a temptation for some and not an option for others. It is the feeling of defeat when you might choose to not call the school to check on the progress of your child because you had a terrible week. And from that disappointment, on top of another day of distractions, a month goes by and your child's grade report is falling. This is the battle many of us face. It isn't easy, and you are not alone.      


However depleting, to be a warrior one must not listen to our own voice of denial or procrastination, or to the voices of others who feel we do not do enough. We know when we are doing enough. We know when we are doing the best we can and if we are not, we are the ones (and the only ones) who can turn problems into solutions. It begins with our own children, and in doing this we are continuing the warrior honor to our community. As the saying goes: “It takes a village to raise a child” to success. To do it alone would be super human. The reality is: we need each other!


If you don't give up, you will inspire others to do the same.  The family liaison, the counselor, the teachers or the principal at school will take notice and attach a special meaning to your child-- that his parent, guardian, grandparent or sibling must really value and love them.  Thus, the community grows, networks of passionate people are made and our world becomes a better place. Thank you for being here on this journey and helping me fight for our children and our gracious world.


Dedicated to the fighters, my children and all parents who are warriors!


By: Alisha Noelani, Washburn