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Title I Schools

Title I Schools

Title I Schools

A school-wide program (SWP) school is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to upgrade the entire educational program in a Title I school; its primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on State academic achievement standards.

A targeted assistance school (TA) is so-termed because it targets its services on specific, identified children.  The children are selected for services solely on the basis of academic need, not the low-income formula.

Andersen Complex Hmong Intl. Pratt
Anishinabe Jefferson Justice Page
Anthony (TA) Jenny Lind Roosevelt
Anwatin Keewaydin Sanford
Bancroft Kenny (TA) Seward
Bethune Loring Sheridan
Broadway Lucy Laney South HS  
Bryn Mawr Lyndale Southwest HS (TA)
Cityview Marcy Stadium View (N&D)
Dowling (TA) MPS Metro SJ Sullivan
Edison Nellie Stone Johnson Waite Park
Emerson North HS Washburn HS
Green Central Northeast Wellstone
Hall Northrop Wenonah
Henry HS Olson Whittier
Hiawatha Pillsbury Windom



Contract alternative schools are run by community-based agencies who hire staff and provide the facility. Their mission is to serve those students who are identified under state statute (MS 124D.68) as "at-risk" to graduate on time with their peers. Students attending these schools continue to be Minneapolis Public Schools students during their enrollment.

Learn more about MPS Contract Alternative Programs